My head may explode

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’m finding that is not relenting. I developed a headache sometime during the art journal workshop and it’s been getting worse. I tried tea, more water, Aleve, sleeping with the pillow over my head… it’s to the point where I can’t sleep from the pain. I’ve turned off the music (first time in about 3 weeks it’s been silent here). I’ve turned out the lights. I was hoping sleep would help. I was wrong. Every little noise is grating and loud. Every bit of light burns my eyes. Every movement hurts as if my brain has detached from my spine and goes crashing a great speeds into my skull. I don’t get migraines, so I wouldn’t know if this is what one feels like, but the intensity and relentlessness makes me think it might be. :/
Whatever it is, I’d appreciate it stopping. I’m tired and stressing. Sleep would be welcome… here’s hoping that simply whining about it will get it to go away so I can sleep again. Wish me luck.


What are your thoughts?

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