things to remember:

Someone on a forum had asked about advice learned in therapy that was useful/imperative/good to know… I had originally listed only the first 4, but felt the others were important to add for myself here. (most are paraphrased, as they have come from various therapists over the years)

  1. consider the source of the advice when considering the advice itself. If you don’t want the life of the person giving it, don’t take the advice…
  2. you matter. people care about you, but they can also be frustrated with you. it doesn’t mean you don’t matter anymore, just means they reached a breaking point within themselves.
  3. eat chocolate if it makes you feel better…
  4. do what you can, when you can.
  5. I am worth arguing with the negative voice.
  6. get off the train.
  7. remember to breathe! (heard this from a few therapists… hmm… trend maybe?)
  8. just because it happened many times in the past does not mean it’s definitely going to happen in the present or the future.

What are your thoughts?

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