more art – wtj: throw something (Arrow)

Today was rough. The body memories came back again with a vengeance early in the morning. That left me feeling very small and vulnerable. To help get out of it, I thought I would try my hand at art again. I couldn’t come up with something overly expressive, so I figured I would work on my Wreck This Journal. I finally got around to finishing the “throw something” page.

I have had the idea of doing Arrow on the left side since I did the original bulls-eye with the arrow on it, I just never had the motivation or courage to try the drawing. Today I sucked it up and just painted away. I’m not totally happy with it, but I think it’s ok enough. I also posted it on the Arrow page on fb. I know I’m a lesbian and all, but Stephen Amell is one of my man-crushes (Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds is the other). Have you seen him do the herringbone pull-ups?! … and those “superhero workouts” Holy Shit that man is fit!! Total respect for that level of dedication and skill…

Anyway, here’s my homage to Arrow…



What are your thoughts?

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