getting over myself

I need to learn to get over myself.  I need to learn to rely on myself. I need to be ok with the boundaries placed around certain relationships, and the amount of support I can receive from them…

I’ve been struggling in therapy lately.  I feel like I go in, she talks to me, she validates what I say, but it doesn’t feel like enough.  I feel like she’s not listening, not letting me talk.  But when she gives me the chance, I don’t know what to say, so I say nothing. Then I get mad at her because I feel lacking.  The truth is, it’s all my fault.  I don’t say what I need to.  I am not clear in what I’m asking for, even when I think I am (but I’m not).  I don’t know what to say I need because I’m afraid.  I’m afraid to get rejected.  I’m afraid that I’m as much of a mess as I think I am (as I have been told I was). So I need to get over myself.  Because none of this is helping anything at all.


One response to “getting over myself

  • Ellen

    There are some ways of doing therapy that leave me feeling stressed and unsatisfied also. I think it’s normal – there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this way. For me, I feel better when I allow unheard parts of me to finally speak. It’s embarrassing, but it seems to be what I need to do. There’s nothing wrong with struggle – it can open a creative path.

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