internet presence

I had a panic attach.  I searched my name on the internet and found a whole ton of information.  Accurate information.  Complete information.  It scared the crap out of me.  I had always wondered how bitch found me all those times… how can you escape a stalker if all your info is out there for the world to see?  how can I erase it?  oh shit. oh shit. oh shit… someone tell me how to disappear. please?


4 responses to “internet presence

  • Mandy

    I wish I could erase stuff too. Unfortunately it seems difficult…

  • S.G

    delete old accounts, set up new email accounts because lots of sites let people search for friends via their email address book, so if you’ve used the same email address to open lots of accounts and they have that address too then they can find you. Make everything possible private. Don’t use the same user names for multiple sites. Make sure any pictures on fb are private, if you’ve posted your art work on fb for example and also on this wordpress blog then if someone on fb does a google image search they could find the same picture which is linked to here.
    Hope that helps x

    • Samantha Jane

      thanks. I have been slowly going through and changing everything. I have been deleting accounts I no longer use, and breaking connections as best I can. It’s is really scary how impossible it is to wipe your footprint (unless of course you belong to a high-powered organization that has hackers that can wipe you away)…

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