going. going. going.

just keep going.  if I don’t stop, I don’t think about the chaos that will likely happen in a few weeks.  Setting up a garage sale, sorting through 20+ years of household junk… just keep going and forget the impossibility of the coming move across country with zero money, the lack of living space to land at, the need to re-home so many animals… just keep going and don’t fall apart into a blubbering mess.  yeah… just go.  and maybe medicate for sleep.  but not too much because I have to be at the shop for the tint guy to remove the films from the 4 doors on the car so it will be legal in the new state.  Going to take some cash so I can at least tip the guy for the free work he will be doing…

then there’s couple’s therapy tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I will cry then because there is no choice about sitting down to talk there… and I may be a tad pissed at her because she is safe to be pissed at right now.  if I were to get pissed at myself for my lack of planning, well, I don’t have the best emergency coping skills on the planet (or anywhere)…


What are your thoughts?

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