Daily Archives: February 15, 2014

Fun times in the twirling teacups

Last night, out of nowhere, I was slammed with really intense vertigo. It kept me up most of the night. It’s better today, but still present. It feels like I’m constantly in that state of dizziness right after you get off the tea cup ride at Disney. I feel like I’m turning right all the time. It’s annoying. Nothing really helps it, though I have yet to try the suggestion a doctor friend of mine made (going to try that in bed in a bit).
It ruined the brunch I was supposed to go to today with family that was here from far away. They left for a cruise and I didn’t want to get them sick for it (didn’t really have any clue what was wrong early this morning, just that I was still pretty dizzy). I did get to see my aunt and uncle for a bit yesterday because they came over for a few hours. I was supposed to see them again for brunch, but that didn’t happen…

Anyway. That’s what I’m dealing with today. I slept most of the day (till 5pm), was up for 5 hours, and now back in bed.

Fun times.