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The Savages: Addiction and Blaming

Well said on this too. I recently had to re-orient my brother on the nature of addictions… he may know a lot about a lot, but I know my addictions (personally and professionally. doesn’t mean I can’t learn more, but I can work to break your false ideas of it). People want to be right and better than the poor soul who stumbled very publicly with addiction. We want to know that our worst fears (that we are all mortal and susceptible to the same demons) are at arm’s length. We want to convince ourselves that we cannot possibly fall to the same fate for whatever reason we spout making them different from us… The truth is, misfortune can strike anyone at any time. We all have the possibility of stumbling and blundering in our search for inner peace…

Let The Child Speak

I couldn’t have said it better. And I will always believe the child regardless of my relationship to the adult. Even working in group homes and with kids that have been disproven in their accusations, I will always believe the child first…

The Chatter Blog


I want you to imagine me sitting with you.   Across from you.  Speaking softly.  Intensely.  Passionately.  I speak softly trying to control my emotions.  But the truth is – it is a tremendous strain.  I want you to listen.  To hear me.    I’ll try to be careful with my words.  But I will say that my position regarding a child being sexually abused is extremely biased.  It’s the position I am in because I was put there.

This isn’t  about the headlines.

It’s about the story.

We read them.  We judge.  We assume.  We read  into things that are hinted at.  Or not said which makes them seem all the louder.

Someone is claiming to have been sexually abused as a child.

It’s only a headline because a famous person is involved.  Otherwise you don’t see headlines about a child having been sexually abused.  Unless it includes…

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