other stressors

One of the dogs decided to ingest a rather large amount of sand the other day.  It has caused at least a partial blockage for her, and she had spent the better part of yesterday at the vet getting fluids.  She is back there today.  We are all hoping that the fluids help her enough to not need any other care as we are way too broke for that.  Yesterday’s estimate landed at $700 just for tests and fluids.  We could only afford the IV (even that was $150 with the office charge).  I’m not sure what we can do if just getting rehydrated does not help her pass the sand.  X-rays to pinpoint the blockage would be $300, and blood work another $300.  Then if they find something that needs to be surgically removed, I’m sure we would be looking at a few thousand. We would not be able to afford even the fluids if it were not for my brother loaning us the use of his credit card.

I remember looking up some places to help with the financial cost of vet care when we found the puppy.  I think I remember seeing some place that had grants to help pay for emergency situations.  I will have to look that up again…  I know the dog is old, but she still has pep in her step.  I hate that tight finances can mean the end of a life.  :/


What are your thoughts?

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