#11 – Shattered

So, De has been asking me if I have been thinking more about creating something for Sexual Assault Awareness Month coming up in April.  It’s been tough trying to find something I want to show off (even though my name will not be anywhere on the piece).  I’ve been throwing a few ideas around in my head, and none really “worked” until this one.  The execution of it is a bit off though, so I will be re-doing the piece.  It’s just the “practice” version of the image I will give to her to put up in their little display:

2014 100-Theme challenge #11) Shattered

11) Shattered (preliminary)

I had wanted to do the background in a red chalk, but the one I used was not covering correctly.  I tried to draw over it with the watercolor pencil, but it did not cover correctly over the chalk… There’s also some issues with the faces on both characters, so it’s just going to be a complete re-do.  I really need to work on my coloring technique too.  I wish I could figure it out better on  my own, but I suck at it.  I think my drawing skills are coming back with practice though.  Overall, I’m happy with this piece, it’s just little things that are not working correctly.  I think I will also stick to dry media for the coloring this time.  Any time I use water or something wet, it really warps the drawing.  If I had the correct paper for the watercolors things would look better.


7 responses to “#11 – Shattered

  • S.G

    wow, this piece is so emotive. Sad. But also hopeful, because there is someone else there to pick up the pieces? Who is the woman?

    • PurplesShade

      Perhaps they are both herself?
      Her little self frozen in time, and her current self picking up the pieces.

      • Samantha Jane

        Yes. Sorry i want ale top answer sooner. We were waiting for our therapist and she walked in as I accepted the comment.
        The little girl is the young version of the person picking up the pieces. It’s me but not really me… it’s symbolic of having to pick up the pieces of your childhood after any abuse.

      • Samantha Jane

        *wasn’t able to… i hate my autocorrect.

      • S.G

        ooh maybe, never thought of that!

      • PurplesShade

        @Samantha Jane — Totally cool, don’t worry about it. There’s certainly no time limit on questions or answers. 😉

        That is really neat, I mean the piece is moving and sad too, but using the device of a person picking up the pieces of themselves is a concept I like. 😀

      • Samantha Jane

        I like the concept, but I’m a bit torn by it. It’s somewhat empowering, but a the same time, it’s something I felt like I have always had to do in a vacuum – alone. I’m starting to learn to reach out, but I still rely mostly on myself. Maybe that’s why there is no real background to this picture. I feel like I’m always ultimately the one to pick myself back up. I know I have help at times, but there never really is anyone but me who can truly accomplish the task of gluing me back together. I can have guides in the process, but the work is all me. It’s frustrating but empowering all at the same time.

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