Still feeling good

… and part of me is wondering when it will all come crashing down again (it has in the past). Don’t get me wrong, i really like this feeling, but i just don’t know if i trust it. “All good things come to an end” and I’m wondering if it’s going to be sooner rather than later.  I hope it’s later, but again, i don’t trust it.

We had couple’s therapy today. It was a lighter session (partially due to a huge room mix up  we ended up having it in a “fish bowl” on another floor in a room we technically were not supposed to be using). L had wanted to cover some stuff, and again my dumb self completely forgot (she’s really good at helping me remember to talk about stuff, but i suck at helping her). Hopefully we will be able to get to it next week.  I did manage to tell J all about fixing my brakes myself tho (something I’m really proud of.  I had ordered the parts a year ago, but just now got around to changing them). We mentioned the lottery thing to J, and she said even she played tomorrow’s drawing (which apparently is a first for her). I would love to win, but if not us, i hope it’s someone that really needs it and will do good with it.

I hope my positive mood lasts. I miss working and being productive.  I miss having energy to do things. I miss living. Depression and ptsd have a way of robbing that from a person.

Oh! L gave me my Christmas present early (i wanted her to wait, but i was asking too many questions about it and she got frustrated.  She shoved it on my work space in the dining room).  I’m beyond thrilled with it. She got me a 24 set of Prismacolor pencils.  I will be breaking into them tomorrow for sure (i was quite tired today, tho i really wished i had been at least slightly creative to give them a test run)… i may take them to therapy with me tomorrow (i think we have the art room). I really love a good set of colored pencils. My next big purchase well be a marker set from them, but that is years away… till then, yay! Pencil set!


What are your thoughts?

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