If I won the lottery jackpot…

Sometimes i like to think what i would do with my winnings if i won a huge jackpot.

I would pay off my bills and debts, get a few things for myself, but also give a large amount of it away (most anonymously)…

I like helping people.  It’s been a part of who i am as long as i can remember. I would want to help people financially too. I would go to the bank and ask them to pull up 10 random accounts that are in debt and pay them off. I would buy stuff for my friends and family. I would donate to the places and people that have helped us out when we needed it. I would go to a bunch of stores and pay off the layaway accounts.  I would get a bunch of large bills and hand them out to people I see. I would pay off medical bills for people and animals that needed it… i would buy a jet to help transport people or animals that need to get to far places. I would spend large amounts at mom & pop stores to help keep them afloat. I would pay vehicle repair bills, I would pay off mortgages and rent for people. I’m sure i would spend so much that i would be out of money in a short time, so i would make sure to invest a chunk to be able to keep giving. I would pay teachers more.  I would pay people in helping positions more. I would donate meals to the hungry and hotel rooms to the homeless.  And i would start a mental health movement that tailored treatment to the individual and not the insurance company…

A girl can dream can’t she?


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