Some patients are better off without antipsychotic drugs – psychiatrist

I’m thinking this may need to be printed out and shown to everyone that insists I should be on meds to be in treatment… I think pharmaceutical companies have WAY TOO much power (as evidenced by the increasing use of Clozaril to “help quiet suicidal thinking” in people who are not otherwise considered psychotic. When I worked with that drug, it was instilled in us how dangerous the drug can be, and that it should only be used as a last resort medication… It causes so many physical problems, yet they prescribe it to so many people…
But I digress, yeah. I really like this article. Take a read and see what you think.

recovery network: Toronto

An excellent and most welcome piece in Washington Post Dec 9 by Psychiatrist Dr Sandra Steingard reflecting on her own struggle, wanting  to do the best for patients who struggle but also her own struggle with knowing what best to do.

LM-SandySiengardShe tells the story of the introduction of powerful tranquilizers that became rebranded “anti-psychotics”, bombarded by powerful messaging about powerful drugs that can have powerful beneficial effects but also create powerful long term problems bigger than the ones they treat – for many people who take the drugs the consequences are deadly serious.

Then along came new generations of drugs sold as more effective, without ill effects turning out to be just as problematic, oversold and perhaps under tested in the heat of one of the biggest marketing wars ion history.

Eventually, her own dissatisfaction and inquiry took her beyond the messaging and advertising and acceptable community of practice…

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