deviantArt’s Holiday Card Project

An art forum I belong to is having a holiday card drive.  I wanted to share it with folks here in case anyone is interested.  You can either use store-bought cards or make your own.  More info can be found here.

Both L and I are making at least one card and will be sending them out this week.

One design idea I had tried was a papercut of a sea turtle with lights… I didn’t like the way the card came out, so I will not be sending that one anywhere.  I really liked the little sea turtle though, so I wanted to share him here.  1486781_10152158795649892_2042857757_n I had not done any papercutting since my shadow puppetry class in college, so this was my experiment.  I think he came out ok (definitely better than the card itself).  I made a few other “copies” of him, and I may turn him into an ornament.  I just have to buy some tissue paper (I want the lights to be multi-colored).  I was a bit frustrated by my drawing ability, and I wasn’t sure about my papercutting ability, so I did not put too much detail into him.  I wanted to do a Hawksbill (hence the beak), but couldn’t get the shell to look right when I tried to draw in the scutes.  Hawksbills are the ones that were almost hunted to extinction because of their pretty shells.  I just could not do them justice, so I left them out.  I hope you can still tell what he is…  It’s a bit easier with a colored background, but this is just the outline.

Anyway, join in the project and send some cards to people in hospitals.  You never know, you could totally make someone’s holiday 😉


What are your thoughts?

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