I’m at a loss.  My boredom is kicking in high gear, and it’s that restless, insatiable boredom.  No matter what I start doing, I get sick of it in a few minutes and feel the need to move on.  I know it’s the depression messing with me.  I can’t find anything that’s enjoyable and brings me some inner peace.  I wanted to go to the reptile show this weekend, but I have no money (and I know it would be boring, as the shows around here are super-small and boring on a good day, forget a day when I’m restless and frustrated with myself).  I want to go walking in the woods, but there are no woods here to speak of.  I wish we had a fenced-in yard so I could take the dogs out with me to sit out back.  It would be easier to do something different that way (only if I did it regularly, it wouldn’t be different then).

Part of me wants to work more on the herp room (cleaning the empty cages, re-arranging what I have, trying to sell some of the empty tanks, etc), but as soon as I walk in there, I get frustrated with the amount of work to be done.  I quickly walk out again.

I hate this restlessness.


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