Coping skills app ideas

If I were to create a coping skills app, what would you like to see in it? I have some ideas, but others are always welcome.  I have never made an app before, but my lack of knowledge of my own coping skills in times of need is prompting me to put something together.  I have found a few out there, but none do what I really want them to (namely they don’t include everything I would like to see in the way that I would like to see it).

Also, would you be more apt to download it if it were kinda cute/funny?  or all business?  I tend to lean towards cute/humorous, but I know not everyone is the same way.  I would like to get to the point of customizing the look, but that may take more expertise on the coding end (which I could possibly get some tech geek friends to help with).

Ok, so I’m not going to mention what I want to put in, but will wait to see what you all suggest.  No limits to creativity on ideas!  I do have tech people who can help me figure stuff out if I need to get really fancy with it.  If you took your coping skills with you on your mobile device, what would you like to have with you?



What are your thoughts?

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