Some relief?

The appointment at the IOP went well, I think.  I have an orientation on Friday and start Monday.  It will be focusing on the depression and anxiety.  When I talked to De to update her, I told her they actually recommended seeing an individual therapist while still doing the program.  She said that it might work out really well, and we might be able to keep working together on the trauma stuff with the added safety net of the program.  I think she will check it out with her supervisor, and we have agreed to take it on a week by week basis.  Her concern would be possibly overdoing the therapy.  I told her I have been able to work well under those conditions in the past, and the added support is good when dealing with the trauma stuff.  I hope it works out.
The only issues with the program is transportation. I have to figure out how to get to and from the program.  It’s tough with the distance and us having only 1 car.  The guy gave me 2 ideas for help with that, but was not too specific about who I should talk to and if it would really help.
I almost cried when De said we might still be able to work together.  When I left yesterday, it seemed like that would not be a possibility.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but… phew!
Glad I did not get to a place of having to go inpatient.  That would have definitely messed up my chances for continuing with De.


What are your thoughts?

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