Tired for no reason

For the last few days, I have been incredibly tired; to the point of feeling like I had taken something when I actually have not.  It’s really difficult to wake up in the morning, and just as hard to stay awake during the day. My eyes will close unintentionally and I will be asleep in no time. They constantly feel heavy, and my brain is in that fog of sleep. I don’t know what happened.  I feel like I have been awake for weeks and now have to sleep to make up for it.  I have not done anything differently.  I have not been taking anything (even my sleep meds don’t make me this tired anymore). I’m not liking this. :/

Also, I cannot draw what I have in my head and its pissing me off. The drawing is itching to come out, but it’s trapped.


What are your thoughts?

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