saw De but I can’t really remember what we talked about. I think she did most of the talking. I know she asked about DuckBoy and about the origins of the name. He once won me a large (2′ tall) sitting duck at a carnival. The way one of the wings landed when I put it on the couch made it look like the duck was jacking off. I sent a pic to one of my friends telling her the duck very much resembled the person who gave it to me. She photoshopped his head onto the duck, and then the duck’s head onto our prom picture. The title of DuckBoy was born that day (thanks GR!). De laughed at it, because it was so far off from what she had thought it meant (and no, I never called him DuckBoy to his face).

I know we also talked about the various aspects of myself, and how I feel they are mutually exclusive most of the time, We talked a bit about SJ and her fear of G. I know she asked some more things, but I don’t remember what they were, or what my answers to her were. The session flew by very quickly. Oh, we did talk a bit about me needing time to myself more often. Not quite sure how to accomplish that, but will try.


What are your thoughts?

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