Tonight we start an American Sign Language class. It’s offered in conjunction with a Pride group. I’m kinda excited (as excited as my little brain can get lately). I like learning new things, and it will be a social thing, so that will be good. I just am not sure how well I can pay attention. My brain’s not to good at keeping to task lately.

I was supposed to have my massage today. I was really looking forward to it. But then the lady called to change the day. A friend was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. I hope her friend pulls through. I’m not mad it’s rescheduled. I would want to be there with a friend also (something tells me it may be her s.o. though I can’t tell you why I have that hunch)…

So we go to ASL class tonight. L had started learning it a few years ago, but never kept up with it. Hopefully she will be able to help me along. It’s always good to know another language. And one of the women at the nature center might also be able to help (though she does not use it at work, I’m pretty sure she knows it. I will have to ask next week).

Anyway… Off to wake L up before class…


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