People suck

I went out to go field herping, and ended up finding a puppy along the road.  He came home with me and we are looking for his owners.  If they don’t show, my mom wants to keep him.  He is wicked cute, smart, and sweet. He’s part-way trained, so I’m guessing he is someone’s dog. I did find out however that people will often dump their dogs in that area hoping the alligators will get them 😦 how could you do that to your dog?! I saw a bunch more stays on the way home, but they took off when I stopped. It’s so sad.  Don’t get the dog if you can’t take care of it.  And if something comes up along the way, try to find them another home, don’t just dump them. Crusher (Wesley Crusher) is at most 5 months old and super sweet. I couldn’t imagine dumping him. I think we are already a bit attached tho… kinda hoping his owners don’t call.
He’s going to be a big dog.  He’s already 30lbs of lankiness, and quite skinny. Maybe mixed with Great Dane?


I did also find a few cool herps while out there: we saw a handful of American Crocodiles, a ribbon snake, a water snake, a salt marsh water snake, and several frogs.  Unfortunately the camera didn’t take too great pictures in the dark, but I got some cool sunset shots. 🙂

It was a good time over-all despite being very late and tired even before I left for the trip.


What are your thoughts?

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