flashes of motivation sabotaged by outside forces

So I tried yet again to apply for Medicaid for my state.  There’s always a problem with their system these last few weeks.  Either they cannot access the system and can’t help me with the application, or I cannot access the online system.  Today, I can neither call them nor access the online application.  So much for that slight burst of energy to finish the application process and possibly get some benefits.

If it’s not me getting in my own way, it’s outside forces lately.  ::sigh::  Maybe I should try the laundry now.  I know the washer works and I can at least start a load so L isn’t frustrated with me when she gets home…

I also need to try to figure out the speed pass we purchased over the weekend.  I wasn’t able to get the account set up at all over the weekend, but maybe if I call them, I can get it done today.  It would be nice not to have wasted all that cash on the transmitter if I never set it up.  It would also be nice to be able to use the toll highways without having to have cash on hand.  They say using the speed pass comes with a discount because they don’t have to pay workers to collect tolls, but they don’t tell you how much each toll costs.  I wonder how much of a discount it actually is.  

Woopse, L is home and I have not yet started the laundry.  Guess I should get off my fat ass and do it.  

Ok, laundry started… 

The monthly mood swings are kicking in.  :/  I just want to sleep all day.  


What are your thoughts?

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