I think I like her…

So, for all my fretting and anxiety over asking for more help from this t, she heard my reaction to my dad’s impending visit and offered an additional session Friday to help deal with the stress (I didn’t even have to ask?!). She also tabled what she had wanted to talk about And we spent the session talking about him and brainstorming ways to stay sane while he is here. I think I love her in a totally platonic omg-you’re-so-awesome-to-figure-that-out-about-me-so-soon kinda way. I think we will work well together, tho sometimes she talks a lot (not in a bad way, But I feel like she’s so enthusiastic to pass on info that she forgets to let me talk for long). I did not get to talk about the stuff that last week stirred up, but maybe I can start into that a bit on Friday. 

Anyway, just needed to share the relief. She also talked to my old t and wanted my input on what he said and how rellavant it felt for right now. I think we have more talking to do in those points, but I’m glad she knows and is willing to talk about it all. 

Breathing a huge sigh of relief.

What are your thoughts?

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