yeah… really liking this comic (not sure why the code remains…)






<div class=”rpuEmbedCode”>
<div class=”rpuArticle rpuRepost-1f3196d998194df0f7767bce92275642-top” style=”margin:0;padding:0;”>
// <!–[CDATA[–>
src=”; type=”text/javascript” data-cfasync=”false”>
// ]]>depression comix #58 (via depression comix)

</div><!– put the “tease”, “jump” or “more” break here –><hr id=”system-readmore” style=”display: none;” /><!–more–><!–break–><hr class=”at-page-break” style=”display: none;”/><div class=”rpuEmbedCode”>

rpuRepost-1f3196d998194df0f7767bce92275642-bottom” style=”display:none;”>

<div style=”display: none;”><!– How to customize this embed:!shash=1f3196d998194df0f7767bce92275642 –></div>


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