More frustrations

We’re financially strapped as it is,  and struggle to pay for the gas needed to drive to therapy as well as the fees.  Earlier today,  I misjudged a turn and messed my car up pretty badly (plastic car vs metal pole,  metal pole wins… even at 7mph…). I have a huge deductible that I certainly can’t afford,  but I also can’t afford not to have use of my car.  I have no idea where to get the money.  We have cleared out our savings Just trying to survive the last 6 months.  I don’t know who in my family to ask for a loan (especially since I have no hope in the foreseeable future to repay it).  Is a really rough time of year emotionally for me,  and getting less support is really the last thing I need right now.  I don’t know what to do.  My wife’s hours at work got chopped in half, and due to miscommunication at the management level,  she will be missing out on an entire week’s worth of hours this week.  I think the car will be fixed by the end of the week,  but I have no clue how to come up with the grand it will take to get it back.  I’d almost be better off if I had totaled her – I wouldn’t have to come up with the money right away,  but I would have to find another reliable car for the few hundred they would give me for her… I just don’t know what to do.  :/  there are so many bills to pay,  and the coffers are empty. 
I also have to harass some of the hospitals for my treatment records for disability.  With that added wait,  I’m not sure if any relief will come in time.  I totally screwed up today and really need to find a way out fast.  Ugh. Money,  please materialize for us!

What are your thoughts?

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