healing is possible

This is cool. I love TED Talks.

vwoop vwoop

I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks lately. For anyone who doesn’t know, TED is a nonprofit organization that holds conferences, with the only goal in mind being to spread information, education, and ideas. I have always believed that education should be free, and that people should learn what they want to, not what schools decide (seriously, standardized testing is putting so many limits on the growth of young minds). The talks are free on the TED website, and now on netflix and youtube, it is possible to learn *anything* from experts in every field, and there is more than likely at least one video (probably more like thirty) on something that interests you.

I love learning. I love that learning can be for fun, but also can add to my survival tool box. There is a lot that can help me, and others like me, achieve health…

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