that void where help does not exist

I went to that psychiatrist appointment this morning in hopes that they would be able to hook me up with additional help.  That is what the hospital told me anyway (of course, they also told me I had an actual appointment and not the walk-in situation is really was. So much for them being reliable).  When I told the intake clinician that I was not interested in med management, she said that was the only thing they would be offering me.  She suggested I come back if I ever changed my mind about meds.  Well, thanks… So I wasted over an hour of my time and $3 just to be told that you can’t help me.  I should have asked for my $ back, because even though it is only $3, when you are unemployed with no prospects of getting money any time soon, every $3 is precious.   The only helpful thing was that she gave me the number to social security so I can get a worker to help me sign up for disability benefits.  Well, that is progress I guess.

I wish it was easier to access help down here.  At least up north they helped me sign up for benefits and offered support more than just medications management.  I feel like I am stuck doing all this on my own, and it is so utterly overwhelming…

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