Daily Archives: May 17, 2013

feeling the need to write something creative…

but I just don’t have anything…  All I can think of are not creative in the least.  I hate when I get blocked.  Lately, I was able to paint a bit of the emotion, but I feel the need to write tonight… yet nothing comes.

Oh, speaking of painting… Here are 2 of my recent works.  It’s missing the last installation (or maybe the last 2 installations), but they have not yet materialized.  I have ideas though.  We will see.

First: There’s Something Black in my Heart


And then I did this one… I also screwed it up by poor execution of an appropriate suggestion, but I don’t have a pic of that, so you get the version before I messed it up.

I don’t have a real title for it, but the working title is: Tears/Fears


some free-verse from 2010… eh… I dunno… it’s the one I liked more out of the slew I have written… still needs work.


I told you I liked girls
Over two bottles of beer
“that’s all?!” you said
with a sigh of relief
“I thought you were going to tell me
that you are pregnant”
I sighed
equally relieved.
You said you accepted me
for me, whomever I loved

You told me you don’t believe
in tolerance
but acceptance
because there is nothing about me to “tolerate”

Then on my wedding night
you told me again that LS
was totally in love with me
and how good we would be together
you said this in front of everyone

When we ended the relationship,
you called her worthless
and said I was better off without her
you mentioned LS again…

When you came to visit me recently
and you met my new love for the first time
you took the opportunity to tell me
how much you disliked her
You mentioned LS yet again

You say you are ok with me
liking girls
and wanting to spend my life
with whomever makes me happy
and you bring up LS again
So much for Acceptance.