Plumb & friends

I don’t much believe in a god, but I like most of her music… this song’s fitting for this blog… I don’t normally post things like this here, I generally leave it for fb… this just resonates with me.  Music can be such a powerful communication tool, coping skill.  It plays a huge role in my life.  Tho you will likely not find my favorite artists here often, you might be exposed to things that strike a chord with me at the time…

On a different day, I will dedicate a post to music and how it has helped me through various things in life… but that is too much emotion for today.  I’m raw and flustered.  I need some time to breathe again before I delve into anything quite that deep…

ok. I lied.  here are a few more that I really like listening to lately… no particular order.

(the lyrics are annoying, but I like this version)

that’s good enough for tonight…

What are your thoughts?

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