I am thankful for everyone and everything in my life: my wife, friends, family, critters; that i have a roof over my head and a car to drive; that I can wake up and walk… freely.  That i have the ability to make money and struggle to support myself and my family… the ability to up and move to help make life better. They make it meaningful and loving. They make me see the good in life…

I am also thankful for the things I don’t have in my life: the constant, looming cloud that was present for so many years; the people that have left and taught me many valuable lessons… the screaming taunts of my addictions.  These are things that have been so prominent in the past, but today they are short struggles that can be more easily overcome…

While I still believe that people should have the freedom to end their lives when they wish, I am glad mine did not end when I tried…  life is still difficult at times, but there is so much happiness also…  if you read this love, thank you for sticking by me and not giving up. You are truely a wonderful person, and I’m so glad we met… ♥

What are your thoughts?

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